Our Story

Founded in 2012, Quad Learning drives institutional growth and expands student opportunities at leading U.S. colleges and universities. We help partners achieve their short- and long-term strategic goals with scalable solutions to meet global aspirations.

A GRowing, global challenge for u.s. Higher education

U.S. higher education, as a whole, is experiencing a significant transformation in light of increased competition, financial constraints, and the overall decline of domestic enrollments.

Meanwhile, global demand for high-quality U.S. education is increasing rapidly.  More than eight million students are expected to be studying internationally by 2025. The United States is the leading destination for nearly one million international students, a number that will continue to increase.

A growing number of forward-thinking institutions are investing resources to become more globally recognized and attractive to international students.

However, recruiting international students is becoming increasingly competitive and many institutions find themselves ill-equipped to effectively position themselves in the global market or meet the high expectations of this critically important, and growing, population.

QL’s proven portfolio of international enrollment management services enables our partners to attract, recruit, and surpass the expectations of high-achieving international students from across the globe.

Our Vision

To lead a paradigm shift in higher education by enabling partner schools to provide radically enhanced value to a broader population of students.

Our Mission

To provide international enrollment management services to support institution-wide global learning and international student success.

Our partnerships are based on our values of deep collaboration, transparency, and co-creating a mutual vision to meet the strategic ambitions of our institutional partners.