American Success and American Honors are QL programs offered at 2-year colleges across the U.S.

Our programs provide the additional support and resources that international students need to prepare for and transfer to a leading U.S. university to complete their bachelor's degree.

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American Success and American Honors combine both recruiting and success coaching services for the 2-year college. QL's programs help the college meet the needs and expectations of international students, such as:

  • A streamlined application process
  • Assistance during the immigration process
  • Extra support to transition to campus
  • Acculturation programming
  • Coaching with an international lens
  • Leadership and career development co-curriculars
  • Access to a national transfer network 

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American Honors national transfer network

The American Honors National Transfer Network (AHTN) provides an added layer of benefits for international students who start in the Honors program. With over 60 leading colleges and universities, the AHTN provides students with transfer opportunities across the nation. Defined as either Member or Affiliate institutions, colleges and universities in the AHTN offer various benefits including, but not limited to, application fee waivers, conditional letters of acceptance, transfer articulation, and Honors-specific scholarships.

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