Our recruiting services start with the development of a tailored marketing and sales strategy that comes to life via dedicated staff across the globe that ensures a seamless application process and smooth arrival to campus.

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Marketing & sales strategy development

A consultative approach to co-create a tailored marketing and sales channel strategy that guides all aspects of recruiting.

The outcome is a customized multi-channel recruiting plan and local marketing playbook that includes a mix of email, video, social/content marketing, events, local outreach and awareness building, newsletters, etc. The plan is supported by a microsite and collateral that are often translated into the local language.


in-market representation

QL’s growing global footprint starts with dedicated staff in-country who are focused on managing our recruiting partners, engaging with students and parents directly, and building local brand awareness for our institutional partners.

  • 30+ in-country QL staff across eight regions.
  • 1,500+ global channel partners spanning 15+ countries
Global Recruitment Infrastructure
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Quality assurance & monitoring

An annual channel partner quality assurance and certification process helps ensure consistency and accuracy throughout all recruitment touchpoints. This starts with a standardized onboarding and training process for new partners and for the rollout of new marketing materials.

In-country and virtual global high-engagement trainings between U.S. headquarters and in-country staff include weekly global recruitment sales meetings and the annual team conference.

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Admissions support & streamlined processing

The U.S. admissions process is complicated, lengthier, and less straightforward relative to major English-speaking countries such as the UK and Australia.

QL streamlines the U.S. admissions experience making application completion, immigration processing, and admission decision delivery faster and more efficient.

  • All student applications are complete, pre-screened, and pre-qualified by QL’s U.S. based team.
  • Student applications are provided to institutions in the preferred format (i.e. existing application system, paper application, etc.) with supporting materials required for I-20 issuance.
  • Students and recruitment partners receive support understanding the immigration and visa process based on the institution’s international office (ISS).

Assistance to complete the institution’s yield steps

Once students are accepted, they are assigned to a QL Admissions Officer that will work with them one-on-one to ensure that all of the institution’s yield steps are completed. This would include activities such as:

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  • Applying for housing
  • Confirming a Visa interview date
  • Creating a student ID
  • Affirming travel details, etc.

QL Admissions Officers will also assist students with identifying, utilizing, and getting setup with the institution’s existing platforms and communication tools such as student portals, housing application processes, etc.