First and foremost, a partnership with Quad Learning is collaborative.

We believe that sustainable, scalable growth is only achievable when it’s built from a shared vision of what success looks like.

WHY WORK with Quad Learning?

This shared vision is the foundation for co-creating a strategy that leverages both the institution’s expertise and QL’s understanding of international recruiting and support services to develop a tailored solution that will actually work.

For recruitment partners across the globe, QL’s partnership model creates streamlined access to top ranked U.S. institutions that are not available via traditional pathway models.

For colleges and universities, QL’s partnership model enables institutions to effectively recruit and retain international students, at scale, without requiring significant upfront investment.

    Recruitment partners: 

    • Can offer direct admissions to highly-ranked U.S. institutions.
    • Receive a streamlined application and admissions process for all QL partner programs.
    • Have dedicated in-country program experts and U.S. based support 24/7.

    Colleges and universities:

    • Do not need to commit significant upfront capital investment.
    • Retain control over all academic programming vs. a traditional pathway model.
    • Do not need to manage loosely affiliated education counselors across the globe (agent contracts).

    How Quad Learning is different


    Collaborative partnerships with select institutions

    • An approach that starts with an intensive discovery phase.
    • Co-created, tailored marketing and sales strategy.
    • Proactive reporting and transparency.
    • Integration with existing programming.
    • Supplemental support services, if necessary, to ensure institutions meet international students’ high expectations during the application, visa/immigration, and pre-arrival/arrival processes.
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    High-volume scalable growth that maintains quality

    • Recruitment focused on direct admit and high-quality students.
    • QL staff in-country, around the world.
    • Quality assurance and vetting of recruitment partners.
    • Global representation with 1500+ recruitment partners.
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    Innovative services that combine in-market expertise with digital know-how

    • Extensive use of data and analytics to inform decisions from recruiting through enrollment.
    • Significant investment in digital, social media, and mobile outreach.
    • In-depth profiles of students and parents and their decision making process.
    • Constant pulse on each market with real-time feedback and insights on emerging trends.

    The value of a Quad Learning partnership

    for recruitment partners

    Quad Learning’s collaborative partnership approach extends to the recruiting partners we work with around the globe.

    Our services provide transparency and support to our recruiting partners to ensure their students have a straightforward and seamless experience from application through arrival on campus. These services include application services, admissions support, immigration and Visa processing, and post-acceptance management.

    For colleges & universities

    • Is tailored to each institution.
    • Provides the necessary resources to fund the upfront costs of recruiting and enrolling.
    • Transforms enrollment by increasing quality. 
    • Raises our partners’ global profiles and improves international competitiveness.
    • Enhances the international student experience.
    • Ensures the student is seamlessly connected to the robust support services at the university.
    • Generates significant and sustainable growth in international enrollment.