Success Coaches are accountability partners and guides that help students feel safe, supported, and successful.

Coaches become involved before the students arrive on campus to help ensure a smooth transition to the institution.

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QL primarily provides success coaching services to 2-year colleges; for 4-year institutions, QL’s Admissions Officers focus on ensuring that students have a smooth arrival to campus.

The Live-Learn-Lead coaching framework ensures that Coaches meet with students regularly and can proactively identify student needs and connect students with resources on or beyond campus to succeed in their learning and transfer journey.


Arrival assistance to minimize transitional stress

Pre-departure support: Students have a virtual meeting with a Coach who provides an overview of what to expect upon arrival and resources for the student to navigate the arrival and move-in process. Coaches share resources and insights for incoming students to develop self-advocacy skills and become knowledgeable about their new living and learning environment (e.g. list of local grocery stores, cell phone providers, transportation options, health & safety resources).

PrepKit: The Coach introduces students to the a series of asynchronous resources to help set the student’s expectations for the U.S. classroom, academic standards, and campus culture. Participation in the series helps set students up for success in the classroom and in American society.

Orientation: Coaches also assist with orientation programming and resources so students are prepared for classes and life on campus, and start building a sense of community with fellow American Success students from around the world.



Once the student arrives on campus, Success Coaches help students clarify goals and connect them with resources so they can best navigate their learning and transfer journey.

Immigration compliance support: Coaches partner with and support the campus DSO (immigration support staff) to ensure that students remain compliant with immigration rules and regulations. 

Affordable well-being: Coaches offer life management workshops, refer students to scholarship resources, and connect interested students with relevant campus staff to explore on-campus employment opportunities.


Community Building

Success Coaches organize social and community events to help students make new friends and build a strong sense of community outside the classroom.

Community events and activities: Coaches foster peer-to-peer learning and integration with local students around shared interests such as art, sports, holidays and cultural events.

Signature events: Coaches help develop and hold signature “milestone” events that complement existing institutional events/traditions and help promote a sense of connection among the cohort.


Leadership Development and Career Exploration

Students will deepen their understanding of course material, practice leadership and communication skills, and explore different careers and interests.

Career development: Coaches advise students and create programming that helps to clarify career goals and take advantage of the on-campus career center services.

Key activities: leadership workshop, resume writing & interview skills workshops, student-run leadership council, learning-in-action projects, etc.

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Transfer Support

Success Coaches work with students in groups and 1:1 to develop a plan to research, select, and apply to best-fit transfer schools.

The Transfer Handbook and Transfer Seminar help to guide students through the successful transfer stages - from competitive application writing to negotiating aid packages.