QL provides a unique portfolio of direct paths to leading U.S. colleges and universities, for all international students, regardless of current English-level.

why recruit for quad learning?

Whether the student starts at a 2-year college or a 4-year institution, the student is directly admitted into the institution and is on a path to graduate with a bachelor’s degree.

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direct paths to leading U.S. colleges & universities

  • Direct admissions, not a pathway program
  • Focus on the U.S. top 150 nationally


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Serves a broad population of students

  • Range of English proficiency
  • Moderate to high academic performance


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Better levels of service through the application process

  • In-country experts and ongoing training
  • Tight turnaround & 24/7 rapid response
  • Streamlined admissions processes


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High levels of support post-acceptance & post arrival

  • Ongoing contact and support
  • Visa, immigration steps, travel, housing, etc.
  • On-campus orientation, advising, community building

    Partner resource library

    Program materials, including Viewbooks, Admissions Overviews, Housing, etc. can be found on each program’s respective website.

    American Success and American Honors materials

    University of Arizona materials