QL partners with leading U.S. higher education institutions to provide international enrollment management services that generate scalable international enrollment growth and campus internationalization.

 International Enrollment Management Services

International Enrollment Management Services (IEMS) are defined as Recruiting Services and Success Coaching Services. IEMS are tailored to align with and drive each institution's specific internationalization objectives.

Specifically for 2-year colleges, QL provides an integrated approach to IEMS in the form of two programs: American Success and American Honors.

Our services create a streamlined application process and high-touch pre-arrival and arrival support to ensure that international students have a clear path and smooth arrival to campus.  


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Recruiting Services

  • Marketing & Sales Strategy Development
  • In-Market Representation 
  • Quality Assurance & Monitoring 
  • Admission Support & Streamlined Processing 
  • Assistance through Institution's Yield and Enrollment Steps

Success Coaching Services

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QL primarily provides success coaching services to
2-year colleges. For 4-year institutions, QL’s Admissions Officers are focused on ensuring that students have a smooth arrival to campus.

  • Arrival Assistance to Minimize Transitional Stress
  • Referral Systems 
  • Community Building 
  • Leadership Development & Career Exploration
  • Transfer Support