PRESS RELEASE - 95% of American Honors students who apply to four-year colleges gain acceptance. 

July 27, 2017 – Washington, DC – American Honors results are in. Quad Learning today announced the release of its updated transfer results for its American Honors program. Ninety-five percent of American Honors students who submitted at least one transfer application to a four-year college or university reported that they received at least one acceptance.  And eighty-five percent of American Honors students who applied to a U.S. News and World Report top 200 college or university were accepted.

American Honors is a program offered in partnership between select community colleges and Quad Learning Inc. to provide honors programming on campus and transfer support for students aspiring to complete their bachelor’s degree.  The released transfer results provide data on four-year college and university acceptances and self-reported transfers for American Honors graduates between 2014 and 2017. 

Participants in the American Honors program regularly report that they are well-prepared for the transfer process and that the American Honors transfer network gives them access to four-year colleges and universities they would not otherwise consider—a sentiment backed up by the data. And the 2+2 model towards a bachelor's degree—two years at a community college followed by two years at a four-year college or university—offers significant cost-savings for students.

The release of the updated transfer results coincides with the publication of a research brief on American Honors.  The Columbia University’s Teacher College’s Community College Research Center (CCRC), with funding from the Gates’ Foundation, is conducting a multi-year, qualitative and quantitative study to determine whether American Honors students are more likely than similar students to persist and complete an associate degree, more likely to transfer to a four-year college or university, and more likely to persist after transfer.  The CCRC today published a brief highlighting its initial findings based on the qualitative portion of the study.   

The CCRC brief reports that faculty are satisfied with the rigor of the American Honors curricula across a number of schools, and that students appreciate the in-depth course of study that they feel their non-honors classes lack. Students are also pleased with the support they receive from American Honors advisors, whom they describe as dedicated and accessible.

The CCRC brief finds that “Community college stakeholders were positive about the program, and felt that it helped prepare community college students to successfully transfer to, and succeed at, selective four-year destinations.”

“We are thrilled with our transfer results, which are truly a testament to the dedication and hard work of our students and faculty partners,” said Phil Bronner, CEO of Quad Learning.  “These results, in conjunction with the CCRC brief, highlight the ways in which targeted programs conducted in partnership with higher education institutions can increase access and help student excel.” 

As part of the American Honors program, students receive advisory services throughout their studies and transfer process.  Students are encouraged to diversify their list of target schools to include out-of-state and out-of-region colleges and universities as well as highly-ranked schools.  As a result, American Honors students have transferred to some of the most selective universities in the country including Columbia, Stanford, Cornell, Brown, New York University, University of Pennsylvania, and the University of California, Los Angeles. 

Full American Honors transfer data provided upon request.  The CCRC brief can be accessed here.

About Quad Learning

Quad Learning works with colleges and universities to grow enrollment, improve quality, and expand access to higher education through public-private partnerships. American Honors, one of Quad Learning’s programs, works with community colleges to provide an excellent two-year education that prepares students to transfer to four-year schools and pursue a bachelor’s degree. The Quad Learning transfer network provides a pipeline for American Honors students to find the four-year college or university that best fits their needs and aspirations. American Success, launched last year, connects institutions of higher learning with exceptional international students seeking a world-class higher education experience.