Quad Learning partners with community colleges and universities to improve student outcomes, achieve domestic and international recruiting goals, and increase revenue growth.

For community colleges

Quad Learning partners with leading community colleges to meet student success, recruiting, and revenue goals through services that include a groundbreaking honors program: American Honors. The program provides a 2+2 transfer pathway to top four-year schools, and gives universities access to a broader population of students. The service is delivered with domestic and international recruiting, academic advising, and instructional design services.


Quad Learning forms lasting relationships with universities to increase student success, drive growth, increase revenue flow, and meet enrollment goals. We expand global recruiting abilities through our established international recruiting network, which introduces highly qualified students to our partner universities. We equip partners to meet the unique needs of international student populations through specialty international enrollment support, orientation and integration programming, and continued on-campus student support services.

Our Partnership Services


Quad Learning assumes the startup costs of establishing a global network of higher education recruiters, leaders, and innovators. By facilitating collaboration between community colleges, universities, and global recruiters, Quad Learning leverages our unique position to provide world-class programming and support services to partners without requiring prohibitive financial investments by the institution.


Our personalized advising services provide students with a network of support throughout their time at college. Our advisors specialize in course planning, career exploration, four-year transfers, financial aid, and increasing student retention. Advisors lead community building, co-curricular programming, and intensive on-boarding support--all vital services to ensure student success.


Quad Learning is transforming the space of higher education through the American Honors program at community colleges. The extensive networks of the program benefit students, faculty and institutions through resource sharing, innovation and improved transfer outcomes and pathways. Partnering universities expand their recruiting funnel to access a broader population of students through the  American Honors National Transfer Network. 


At Quad Learning, we provide community colleges and universities with marketing strategy and services to attract a broader population of domestic and international students and enhance the overall brand of the institution. Our services include strategic planning, competitive analysis, brand awareness, direct marketing campaigns, social media, live events, public relations, online presence, and search engine optimization.


Quad Learning assists community colleges and universities in implementing selective admissions processes, including the development of the application and application review process.  Recognizing that potential is reflected in many ways, we look holistically at academic, extracurricular, co-curricular, and work accomplishments when determining fit. Quad Learning leverages global student recruiting staff in-country, a network of recruiting partners that span over 20 countries, and a central admissions team dedicated to helping students worldwide find a high-quality US degree. For international students, that includes soft-landing services, visa preparation, and intensive on-boarding and support.


Recognizing that skilled faculty are essential to a quality college education, Quad Learning seeks to foster a community of educators at each of its network institutions, supporting faculty with extensive training and resources. Faculty are paired with instructional designers to offer unparalleled support in order to develop their courses using the best available multimedia, tools, and technology.  Faculty also gain access to a national network of educational resources, instructional technologies and high-quality honors curriculum shared across our collaborating community colleges and universities.


Courses and advising services are developed and delivered through Quad, our innovative learning platform. Leveraging the latest technologies, we offer high-quality face-to-face, hybrid, and online style courses. Online seminars on Quad are facilitated through a state-of-the-art virtual classroom. Student performance and engagement data from Quad are used to optimize our program delivery and advising services. Integrating a variety of leading social and academic technology tools, our platform serves as the hub of our studentsā€™ educational experience.

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