Kilgore College Launches New Honors Program to Create Affordable Pathway to a Top Bachelor’s Degree

KILGORE, December 7, 2015 Today, Kilgore College announced a new program that will allow students to receive an associate degree with honors and transfer to a top four-year university to complete their bachelor’s degree—saving a significant amount on the cost of their overall tuition for a bachelor’s degree.

"Kilgore College instructional and student support employees are very excited to be partnering with Quad Learning to bring American Honors to our campus," says Michael Turpin, Vice President of Instruction for Kilgore College. "This endeavor will allow the College to expand our international student program and to offer more academically advanced students the opportunity to dive deeper into the content of the core curriculum. We are also excited that American Honors' partnerships will enable our graduates to transfer to prestigious universities throughout the country."

Students in the American Honors program take rigorous classes at their community college designed to prepare them for junior- and senior-level coursework at top academic institutions. By beginning at the community college, students are able to reduce the total cost of their education and graduate from the American Honors program well-positioned to receive scholarships from their four-year schools.

Students are able to apply for transfer to any four-year university, as well as to a network of top schools that are particularly interested in accepting American Honors graduates. Four-year schools in the growing American Honors Network include UT-San Antonio, Ole Miss, Ohio State, Louisiana State, Purdue, Duke, University of Arizona, Auburn, Illinois Institute of Technology, and Gonzaga.

"We are excited that Kilgore College is joining a select group of innovative schools to offer the American Honors program. This global honors program aligns well with Kilgore College's mission to prepare students for success in life by providing educational opportunities that have high quality, great value, and a community focus," says Phil Bronner, CEO and Co-Founder of Quad Learning. "The American Honors program empowers students with the individualized advising, supportive honors community, and academic preparation that helps them to successfully transfer and complete their bachelor’s degree."

American Honors program graduates have been accepted to schools within and beyond the American Honors network including Stanford, Baylor, University of North Texas, Texas Tech, UT-Arlington, UT-Dallas, and Vanderbilt, and many have received transfer scholarships to help towards the cost of tuition for their transfer schools.

Kilgore College joins 7 other community colleges across the US to offer the American Honors program, including Navarro College in Texas. Kilgore College will be offering the program in Fall 2016. Students interested in applying should email with questions. The selection process is holistic and examines candidates' leadership abilities, extracurricular activities, academic achievements, standardized test scores, and commitment to the ideals of the program.


American Honors is a 2-year honors program offered through the collaboration of DC-based Quad Learning and leading community colleges. For more information about the American Honors program and network, visit Contact our media relations team