Top Students at Community Colleges to Have Chance to Raise Ambitions


A disparate group of colleges from across the country — public and private, two-year and four-year — plans to announce a novel alliance on Friday aimed at producing high-achieving community college graduates and making it easier for them to transfer into bachelor’s programs.

The 27 four-year institutions in the alliance include several of the nation’s most prestigious and range from giants like Ohio State to smaller colleges like Amherst and Middlebury. Administrators say they have been impressed by students in the program, including the first group of 17 who graduated last spring and were accepted as transfers to universities including Vanderbilt, Stanford and Georgetown.

““Community college transfers are going to be more and more a part of the college picture, because there’s big potential there,” said Kasey Urquidez, associate vice president for student affairs and enrollment management at the University of Arizona, which is joining the program. “From what we’ve seen, these American Honors students are going to be really good students who are well prepared and can persist and graduate.””