Online College Offers Academic Rigor At Bargain Prices

David F. Carr, Information Week

“What if you, or your college age child, could earn a degree from a big-name university without the big-name sticker shock that goes with it?
Changing the formula for college affordability is the goal of the American Honors program created by startup Quad Learning. The idea is to combine the cost structure of a community college, and two years of courses taught online by community college professors, with a rigorous academic curriculum that sets students up to transfer into a traditional on-campus program at a respected four-year university.
Quad Learning has attracted more than $11 million in funding, including $3.4 million in seed financing and a $7.9 million Series A venture round announced this week.
“We think the most cost-effective way to a top-tier bachelor’s degree is this two-plus-two path,” said Phil Bronner, Quad’s CEO and co-founder. Part of Quad’s job is to establish relationships with four-year colleges who will agree to accept credits from the program, after reviewing its academic standards, he said. The pilot projects for the program are being run at the Community College of Spokane, in Wash., and Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana.”