Navarro College is first in Texas to offer new, affordable pathway to a top bachelor’s degree

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Students at Navarro College are getting a leg up on the high cost of tuition.

The five-campus community college in the Dallas-Ft. Worth suburbs announced today participation in a unique new program called American Honors that will enable Navarro students to complete their two-year associate degrees with honors, receive key transfer advice, and matriculate to the nation’s top universities at a fraction of the cost.

Navarro College joins six other community colleges in offering the American Honors program—a collaboration with Quad Learning—in which students will take rigorous classes taught by Navarro College faculty that prepare them for upper-level coursework at leading universities and colleges. By beginning at community college, students are able to save as much as 40 percent on college tuition, and graduate from their community college well-positioned to receive scholarships from four-year schools.