Major 2-year colleges and selective 4-year institutions create national transfer network

Doug Lederman, Inside Higher Ed

More than one person told Chris Romer that his vision of creating a national network of high-quality community college programs and selective four-year colleges committed to enrolling their graduates was folly. It’s hard enough to get community colleges and elite public and private colleges in a given area to articulate transfer agreements, let alone create something on a national scale, he was told.

But the American Honors program that Romer and colleagues unveiled early this year has indeed created such a network, and it is beginning to bear fruit. Twenty-seven colleges, including highly selective private colleges such as Amherst and Swarthmore Colleges and selective publics like Purdue University and the University of California at Los Angeles, have joined the American Honors Network, in which they have agreed (with varying degrees of commitment) to recruit and enroll students transferring from the honors colleges established by the network’s two-year partners.