College Partners With Company on New Honors Program

Navarro College, a public community college about 60 miles south of Dallas, announced Thursday that it would be the first two-year institution in Texas to participate in the American Honors program — a growing network of honors colleges offered through Quad Learning, a for-profit company.

Students who enroll in the program at Navarro College will participate in classes designed to prepare them for coursework at four-year institutions around the country. The growing network — American Honors is running at six other community colleges in states such as Indiana, Washington and New Jersey — has agreements with public and private universities that ensure easy transfer of credit. Some universities also have agreements that allow students to receive a contingent acceptance. Students will also receive specialized advising to ease the transfer process.

“We serve a lot of low-income, first-generation students,” Barbara Kavalier, the president of Navarro College, told The Texas Tribune. “They have not experienced role models. They haven’t seen that pathway to a four-year degree. So it’s very important that we build that pathway.”