American Honors to Participate in Datapalooza

WASHINGTON, January 14, 2014 – Tomorrow, American Honors will join the White House, Department of Education, entrepreneurs, and policymakers to discuss promising new ways to address college affordability, one of higher education’s most pressing issues today.

As part of the White House’s Education Datapalooza, American Honors will be featured on “Startup Alley,” a collection of some of the most innovative organizations working to improve college choice and affordability.  The daylong event will gather leading minds to discuss how innovations in higher education can provide students with more cost-effective ways to obtain a degree, better information about their college choices and financing, and tools to facilitate deeper learning.

“We are honored to participate in Education Datapalooza, and join a group of entrepreneurs and policymakers who share our commitment to provide more students with an affordable and successful pathway to a degree,” says Randi Cosentino, Chief Operations Officer at Quad Learning, Inc. “The 2+2 model allows students to start with a high-value community college program and transfer to a four-year university to complete their bachelor’s degrees. We see the 2+2 model as one of the most promising ways to reduce college cost, and have built a program that allows students to thrive in that model.”

In fall 2014, the American Honors program will be offered at nine community college campuses across the country, including Community Colleges of Spokane (WA), Ivy Tech Community College (IN), Mercer County Community College (NJ), and Union County College (NJ).

Honors courses are developed and taught by dedicated community college faculty with support from American Honors’ instructional designers, and are designed to prepare students for success at top four-year institutions. Challenging coursework, personalized advising support, and a cutting-edge learning platform offer students the means they need to excel in their honors courses as well as after they transfer.

Students in the American Honors program have access to a growing, national transfer network of over 27 four-year institutions, including Amherst, the Ohio State University, Purdue University, and the University of California, Los Angeles. The first class of American Honors program graduates has been accepted to Stanford, Cornell, Georgetown, Vanderbilt, Michigan, USC, Rutgers, Purdue, Reed, and Occidental, and has received significant scholarships.


American Honors is a 2-year honors program offered through the collaboration of DC-based Quad Learning and leading community colleges. For more information about the American Honors program and network, visit Contact our media relations team