10 EdTech Players Establishing D.C. as a Leader in Education

Why our nation’s capital is the emerging Silicon Valley of Education.

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There’s no question our country faces formidable challenges when it comes to education. The growing skills gap, lagging national competitiveness, and rising costs are just a few of the pressing problems stifling our nation’s economic growth.

Stepping up to fill these cracks in our system has been the educational technology industry. Edtech companies have tuned into the pain points of students, teachers, and other stakeholders and leveraged technology to develop solutions. The result is revolutionary innovations, disrupting the conventional educational model and accelerating progress nationwide.

While edtech innovation is happening in numerous corners of the country, D.C. has emerged as the industry leader. What makes D.C. the “home of the edtech revolution,” as Flat World CEO Chris Etesse terms it, is not only its high concentration of successful edtech startups (although it has those in spades), but also the support of local universities, government agencies, and venture capital firms. Here in D.C., these stakeholders do not operate in siloes. Their close proximity enables the kind of game-changing private-public partnerships that foster groundbreaking ideas, meaningful action, and progress. This unique alchemy of elements makes D.C. a crucible of edtech innovation and the indisputable epicenter of the industry.

Meet 10 edtech players -  a dynamic mix of successful startups, venture firms, and public organizations – that are shaking up the scene and establishing D.C. as the Silicon Valley of education.