College Money Solution

Terry Savage, The Huffington Post

College is no longer affordable, but it is even more necessary to increase our standard of living as individuals, and as a country. The growing divide between college affordability and reality is being bridged by a creative new solution: American Honors. It’s a realistic national program designed to reduce the overall cost of a college education, without adding to the burden of student loans.

The huge advantage is cost… Even better, the program gives incentives for students to actually graduate from community college, lowering the number of dropouts at that level. Participating students will take 24 of 60 credits in honors courses together. And even though they are mostly commuters, they will have their own social network and support system, along with advisers to help them reach their goal of college admission. That should be easier since they will graduate community college with an associate degree with honors.

If America can successfully bridge the transition from community colleges to four-year university degrees, our country will be far better off in the long run. And that’s The Savage Truth.