Our Story

Founded in 2012, Quad Learning drives institutional growth and expands student opportunities at leading community colleges and universities. We help partners achieve their strategic short- and long-term goals with scalable solutions to meet global aspirations.

Our Vision

A world where all students realize their potential to change the arc of their lives through access to high-quality college education.

Our Mission

To lead a paradigm shift in higher education by enabling partner schools to provide radically enhanced value to a broader population of students.


  • Student-First: First and foremost, we are here for students. In our work, we always put them first.
  • Empowerment: Through collaborative teamwork and an attitude of openness, we empower each other to deliver a transformational honors experience.
  • Accountability: Our collective strength comes from our individual contributions. We hold ourselves accountable to advancing our mission.
  • Learning: With curious hearts and insatiable minds, we geek out, we dive in, we bring together our best ideas.
  • Integrity: We say what we believe and we do what we say. We are trusted because we are trustworthy.
  • Fun: Our work is serious and seriously fun. Play is essential to success: we play to win.